Best application bank accounts

Application-based banking, digital banking, banks-all you want to call them-a new breed of banking services

These new banking products, which range from current accounts to cryptocurrencies, exist exclusively on your smartphone. The best is that many of the services they offer are much cheaper than

We considered the best applications on the market, weighing their pros and cons, so you know which one is best suited for saving, budgeting, and even trade in the stock market!

What's on this page?

What are application-based banks?

As the name suggests, application-based banks exist only in application form, meaning that they do not have physical branches that can be used as traditional banks, but you will still have access to support and advice, usually in the form of direct conversation in an application or telephone line

If you are going to the current account, you can order a

The explosion in the banking sector is the result of the UK government's implementation of reforms. "

Why choose a bank based on an application for a traditional bank?

More and more people are turning to banks based on applications because they give you more control over your finances

Most adopters seem to be using them

People will normally hold them

These banks, which are based on applications, can boast a new brand

Benefits of application banking

All banking applications are positioned slightly differently, and each excesses in specific areas that we explore in ours

Is your money safe in a single bank?

Credit: Rob Pongsajapan

A lot of people were still keeping their money in a single bank. What happens if the company goes into recession? You're gonna lose all your money?

Banks based on applications that are fully licensed banks (including Starling Bank, Monzo, N26 and Atom Bank) are protected by the Financial Services Compensation System (FSCS), which means that your money (

In the meantime, the Revolt and Monses currently do not have banking licenses (they do not apply to FSCS), but are covered by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). In fact, your money is completely separate

This means that if one of these applications breaks, you get 100% of your money. However, if the bank keeps your money larger, your money may not be protected

Best app-based banks 2019

Application-based banking reviews

The functions of the current account

For a well-rounded current account, Starling Bank is your best option. Their accounts offer a wide range of possibilities, including credit-interest, overdrafts, aims of savings and free expenses abroad

The main functions are:

  • Disable some expense functions, such as online or contactless payments
  • 'Satisfied' allows you
  • All you need to see is

  • You will be charged with using
  • The most important thing that puts Starling Bank before a pack is interest paid on the remains that were with them

    Most of the current accounts don't seem to be interesting at all, so it's still a pretty sweet deal. You'll get a decent one

    Starling Bank has an overdraft facility (subject to approval), but you will

    You can apply to overdraft as soon as you open the application. If you are approving, you can select a reblack amount (

    Interest accrues on a daily basis and then accrues to you on the 15th of the next month, but it will be clearly defined in the annex. For example, if you borrowed £ 105 for 30 days, it would have cost you £ 1.22

    The same 15 per cent is charged for non-organized overdrafts, with a maximum fee of Pound2 per month

    Starling, the bank will act

    Starling Bank offers one of the best options for spending abroad, as it is charged literally

    It uses MasterCard exchange rates (without additional fees) and you will not be charged for card or overthrowing. We'll be in trouble if we have other advice

    Starling is currently the only banking application that allows anyone to configure

    This is great if you have a partner or friend with whom you share financial obligations-you may live together and want a joint bill to pay the bills

    As soon as you're in Starling, it'll only take a few minutes. Then you can both add and spend money. Starling's a joint account for one

    The functions of the current account

    The revolutionaries are very similar to Starling, but at present it is not an officially licensed bank-which means that it cannot offer overdrafts, a direct debut or protection of FSCS. However, Revolt is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and your money is protected in segregated accounts with licensed banks (Lloyds or Barclays)

    Some of the best functions of Revolt are:

  • A simple dimension to track
  • Turn off the online, ATMs and contactless payments
  • Use the purchase and exchange application
  • Free debit card
  • All you need to see is

  • The FCA revolution, but
  • Buy and exchange cryptocurrencies

    One of the major sales outlets of Revolt is how it simplifies trade in cryptocurrencies

    If you're a novelty in this world, check this out

    It allows exchange of any of its 29 popular currencies (such as the pound sterling, the euro, the dollar) in Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple. She charges a little

    You can also use the application to track and receive cryptocurrency in real time

    But be aware that the function of the cryptocurrency is not protected by FSCS and is

    Vaults for revolutionary purposes is very similar to Starling's goals or Pets Monzo-you can set them in the second, and use them as a way to quickly and easily save cash

    Send money abroad for free

    Unlike many banks, which will be added on high charges, the Rare will use the wholesale

    The transfers take up to two business days, but you can pay a small fee for the turbocharged that will get your money there faster

    The same benefits apply to holidays abroad by means of your debit card

    The functions of the current account

    Monzo is incredibly similar to Starling Bank in terms of how it is structured and the opportunities offered to follow your money

    Unlike Starling, Monzo offers

    Monzo was

    The application and the card work in the same way as before, except that you can now set up direct debits and apply for an overdraft

    The following are some of the main features of Monzo:

    All you need to see is

  • You will be charged 50 per day for usage
  • Monzo pots are designed to help clients put aside and save money. Creating a new boiler takes a second, and you can add a custom image. For example, if you are saving a holiday, you can create a pot called "Trip to Spain" and upload a photo to a beautiful sunny beach

    The money that is in the pot cannot be spent and will not appear in your available balance. However, if you don't have the money, you can easily transfer funds from your savings pan and back to your current account to use it again

    If you create a new saucepan and name it 'Monkey Jar', Monzo will be automatically

    Until recently, Monzo really had completely free spending abroad. However, the application paid a high amount to cover the cost of withdrawing ATMs abroad, so after the vote, Monzo presented its clients

    Whether you have overdraft or not, Monzo offers all customers a

    After that, you'll be charged

    Monzo will send you a notification before they show you anything, give you a lot of notifications about the transfer from other sources

    If you don't have an overdraft, Monzo is

    The functions of the current account

    Like a revolution, Moses

    They offer all the usual peppers, and they are particularly useful for

    If you signed up with the code

    The main functions are:

  • No evidence, credit history or regular income is required for the account to be opened
  • To move money across the border
  • Transfer the money to your account from outside the U.K. using them
  • All you need to see is

  • With a free simple account, you get up to 200 quid
  • Anyone can open an account

    One of the best-selling coins is what is virtually

    Unlike many other banks, you don't need to provide valid addresses, so if you just arrived in the UK from abroad, you can still get the current account right now

    You just need to take a selfie and a picture of your ID (preferably a passport or an identity card), and you're gonna get drunk! You will have the account number and the sorting code in minutes. Plus, I do

    Once your account is open, you can receive and make payments, as well as establish direct debits as well as any other current account

    Since the application-based banks do not have physical branches, it is generally not possible to deposit money into your account

    Monseus had a pair, however

    There is also a cap on how much you can deposit-£ 500 a day in Post Office and £ 249 per transaction/£ 500 a day in PayPoint

    This is a useful service that can be accessed, but the high charges are likely to make it rather useless-you better remove the cash deposit from the traditional bank and transfer it to your account in the Monese

    Other ways to deposit

    You can also deposit money in money form, you can also over your account according to standard bank transfers, translations of IBAN or instant debit cards

    If you're abroad, you can transfer money to your account through Monese

    You can also immediately rise to your account by means of a debit card, which is also in your name, but also the holders of simple and classic accounts will look up 0.35% for this

    Atom Bank is a fully licensed bank, but it does not offer current accounts such as Starling and Monzo. Instead, he specializes

    Although the bank plans to introduce current accounts, debit cards, and future instant access savings accounts, you cannot use Atom for daily expenses

    Biometric security

    The unique feature of Atom is the use of biometric security. This means that unlike most other applications that use the touch ID, the Atom application uses

    To gain access to the application, you may need to take a selfie or read out the phrase, which is probably a lot easier than trying to remember sensitive security codes or security issues

    Another unique aspect of the application is the personalization level that allows

    When you join you, you will be given the opportunity

    The primary product of the atom is it

    You can choose between each savings account

    Interest rates vary from one to one

    For example, a six-month fixed saver with a percentage of 1.51% AER, while a five-year option will give you a maximum of 1.9%

    Remember, however, just like most people do

    It may be too early to think about it just as a student, but the other main product of Atom is his mortgage. He has a network of brokers who can advise you about your situation and your best option

    After you have applied, you can monitor the application in your application and continue to control it when it is accepted-simply!

    It was launched in the UK at the end of 2018 and is relatively new, but with more than two million users worldwide, it is already giving its competitors a run for their money!

    The functions of the current account

    Some of the best features of the N26 include:

  • Internal cash transfers were completed within one working day
  • Provides the same level of security as the standard bank
  • Google Pay and Apple Pay
  • Tracks the habit of spending
  • All you need to see is

  • There are no telephone client support services available for free users
  • N26 provides precise breakdowns exactly where your money goes every month. The application monitors your expenses and provides you with clear statistical information about how much you are doing

    Although this is a normal savings account, you can define yourself to save or

    With this in mind, you can set up daily pay and cash withdrawal limits, and immediately lock your card if it is lost (and unlock it again, if you find it). God sends a message when your card accidentally goes down on your couch!