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Here’s how many students in universities across the UK have answered our question

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What’s on this page?

The student budget is a hell of a thing. Not only 78% of students stressed the money, some of you

The truth is that many students come to the Union

Here are some of the things to say about life in the student budget:

-I think the university life really depends on your parents ‘ income-and

-After my lease, I’m on average

I was able to pay all the bills, travel to different countries for 10 weeks, and I would have saved £ 2,000 by the time I graduated. Credit is

-I can’t afford to live anywhere near my … I spend more than £ 100 a month

-I have 30 contacts a week plus a lot of personal reviews. I don’t have time to work for a while, so I can only afford to spend it

When it comes to living in the budget, something must be given: for students, it is their social life. Two-thirds speak you

I miss the ski trip and the location, and at night. The more you get pleasure, the more energy you invested in your power, so the lack of money meant that I feel as if my grades were suffering

The lack of cash also means half of all students

The statistics say you’re dealing with a hungry reading, so how do you manage when you don’t have enough money?

-Stolen food from the Waitrose or my neighbors (not what I wanted). I do

-I didn’ t use the heating

-I volunteered for charity events where I’d like to

The poor man pushed me to look inside

You’re worried not only about yourself, but also about your friends, especially when they get it

In order to remain without debt, to be a high order in the toilet

61% of students who receive a service credit say it is

Perhaps, rather disturbing, it means that the gap between the cost of living and the money students receive from the government is, in fact, £ 230!

No love for student finances. Frankly, most of you feel

I feel like 100% depends on my parents, and it’s the government’s fault. Students with similar parental income are seen as dependent children on the loan system and until we finish-I will be 25, barely a child!!

Some of you should have said about the student financial system:

-We need more students

-My loan is covering for a semester

-People with less affluent families have to receive

” Last year I lived in the cheapest rooms and could still afford a weekly food store and pay the bills. Had to get it

If there’s a bomb in the survey this year, it may be surviving

We always tell you not to have a job and focus on work, but it’s not financially viable, so it’s pretty controversial

Keker is that three quarters of the students who receive the “Big Three” (Maintenance of Maintenance, Cash and Wages)

Parents turn on average

The biggest shock is that parents earn less than £ 25,000 (so, theoretically, they should not do anything to get credit for service) still provide cash support. In fact, for students living away from home and studying in London, they pay £ 151 /month MORE than they should

Meanwhile, parents ‘ upper income often does not meet the presentable sum-from what you tell us because the government is looking at the reality of domestic spending

A quarter of you are told that your family is putting more than one student through the uniform

Here is a snapshot of the comments that you received from your parents ‘ contributions

-My parents ‘ income

My mother can’t afford to keep me in the university, bless her, but since she lives with her boyfriend, I get minimal student funding, I mean

-My parents

Some get help from parents with expenses and don’t worry about it, but

-I get the highest student loan, but if it’s not

-My family has to

What about saving?

Concerns about debt and

That’s good news

Where are the students to turn into a cash crisis?

With a cash deficit, rather than a picker of fruit after Brexit, the unexpected costs of nei could mean a lot of trouble. So, where do you go when the chips are down? In short:

The testament that the support of the students is more than you

And how far have you gone to make money?

-Purchase of course books on eBay and

-This is an EEG study where I had sensors, stuck in my head with gel

-One of my favorite things is to check the floor for losses. I’ve done it before

-I’m selling my cooking

Time for big: what are the reductions in cash?

Lease takes the largest piece

The good news is that some savings are less spent on household accounts, probably because it’s easier to work in a store for better deals. What’s not cool is that you guys are spending less on food and books – the things you say are hurting when you’re in

For a complete breakdown of the costs in each individual glance

All this means that the money needs to be saved, and of course you have made some progress to achieve this:

-I went through Manchester

-I managed to get away

-Lying about getting sick

-Use my friend’s friend

-Sent her clothes back

Someone who’s taking it out

Not an understanding of how credit works means fair stress: half of all students worry about the biggest insurance network

More students now think that their course

Unfortunately, the resolution is not a simple sailing. -Just

The high cost (and hardship) of the university should be worth it when you finish school

In fact, while men feel a little more positive about earnings than a year ago (when they predicted that they would start at 23,139 pounds), women still valued themselves

There will always be jobs that command more (or less) than others-but prices are too cheap, or accept less than rates, can have an indirect effect on your entire career. The goal is to know

When it comes to student loans, it seems that tuition fees of £ 9,250 or a percentage of extortion are always in the spotlight. But the real question is isolation from low service credits, coupled with the government’s reluctance to acknowledge that parents are expected to arrive at a deficit

This is a huge conversation between students. Are they fully mature adults who are expected to finance themselves? Should they ask their parents for money? Should their parents help them?

The Government must put an end to this confusion, more clearly in terms of parental contributions and/or an increase in the amount of the credit for maintenance so that it would correspond to the real cost of living

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  • A total of 3,167 students were interviewed in the UK from May 16 to June 18, 2018
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